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Intrepid Investigations is an organization distinguished by its reputation for quality, professional standards and employee recognition. We are genuinely dedicated to long term employment sustainability. At Intrepid, serving clients starts with our company serving you by providing the training, coaching, leadership and culture that creates the optimal conditions for uncovering your potential and helping you to be successful. We are sincerely interested in building a relationship with you if you are motivated by getting clients results and enjoy working in a performance driven atmosphere that emphasizes kindness and teamwork.

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Current Opportunities

Experienced Research Investigator (OSINT)

Position 102Experienced Research Investigator (OSINT)
LocationsVaughan, Ontario

A private Investigation organization distinguished by its reputation for quality, professional standards and innovation seeks a research analyst who is motivated by and enjoys working in a performance driven atmosphere that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork.

This role will report to the Research Team Coordinator and will be responsible for conducting open source intelligence research (OSINT) on a variety of investigations. The primary purpose of this position is to collect meaningful data from public sources with an investigative mindset, analyzing and collating the gathered information in an intelligence context, and reporting it to clients in a professional framework.

This role offers workplace flexibility. The selected candidate will have an opportunity to work in the office or from home. Both scenarios will require the ability to work in a highly cooperative and collaborative team setting.

  • Private Investigator license
  • Post-secondary courses/certification in OSINT research analysis or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of two (2) years investigative research experience
  • Capacity to work flexible hours
  • Optimal oral and written communication
  • Enjoys working with high technology
RemunerationCompetitive salary, benefits plan and incentives based on performance.

Surveillance Investigator

Position 101Surveillance Investigator – Full Time and Part Time
LocationsToronto, Windsor, London, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary;
New Brunswick; Nova Scotia

This role will report to the Regional Operations Manager and is critical to delivering on our promise to clients that they will receive the service that we have assured them by producing the highest quality information and visual evidence possible.

The Surveillance Investigator will be responsible for conducting investigations and investigative tasks in concert with core processes, best practices and operational plans to ensure that the service provided is consistent, predictable, legally sound and goal oriented from our client’s perspective. The Investigator is expected to be prepared to succeed at all times, agile and innovative in their approach to assignment planning, strategy and operational tactics, and ethical in every aspect of their day to day work. The primary areas of responsibility and duties for this role will be:

  • Contribute to reinforcing a corporate philosophy and culture of quality, continuous improvement & innovation.
  • Consistently be a professional, enthusiastic and cooperative team member.
  • Conduct surveillance assignments according to our clients’ guidelines and policies.
  • Use video and digital media to gather evidence.
  • Adhere to best practices for evidence handling.
  • Obtain the most accurate and thorough information and visual evidence possible on each assignment.
  • Ensure information that is collected is documented at the highest standard possible.

No experience required. Training will be provided.

    • Driver’s licence
    • Role appropriate vehicle
    • Capacity to work flexible hours
    • Optimal oral and written communication
    • Proficient with basic computer skills and programs
    • Enjoys working with high technology
    • Ability to speak multiple languages an asset
RemunerationCompetitive wages, benefits plan, employee incentives based on performance

Administrator, Operations – Full Time

Position 100Administrator, Operations – Full Time
LocationsVaughan, Ontario

The Administrator, Operations role is the position within the organization that focuses on core client service administrative functions, case administration and evidence preparation, with a focus on digital media and operation of the company case management.

This full time Monday to Friday role will report to the Administration Team Coordinator and will be responsible for:

  • Administering the organization’s telecommunications program; national call reception and transfer utilizing a VOIP system
  • Understanding general client needs and expectations so their initial contact is a highly positive and properly actioned experience
  • Applying administrative core processes & best practices
  • Working closely with operations managers in support of real time service requirements, particularly opening and closing assignments in the company’s case management software
  • Participating directly in the administrative core process & preparing visual media and reports; meeting daily workflow targets
  • Combining source or multiple source video material into a detailed, formatted and professionally presented final video copy for clients
  • Delivering on client expectations so every evidence package they receive has quality and presentation consistency
  • Preparing evidence packages for delivery to clients
  • Administering incoming and outgoing mail/courier
  • Assisting with basic administrative tasks in support of overall operations (Photocopying, mailing, filing, word processing)
  • Minimum 1 year of administrative experience or equivalent
  • Minimum 60 words per minute typing
  • Knowledge of Microsoft, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Capacity to work flexible hours in high volume situations
  • Optimal oral and written communication
  • Enjoys working with high technology
RemunerationCompetitive wages, benefits, employee incentives

Current Opportunities

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