Relevant. Actionable. High Value Data.

Our mission at Intrepid is to stay connected to the sophisticated, real time convergence of media and technology. The information revolution is at the heart of what we do.

On our clients’ behalf, we keep pace with the minute to minute exponential upload of digital information and consistently apply a thorough understanding of the multiple intricacies of the internet, digital devices and apps, geospatial technology, metadata, social tagging, the deep web, and the hidden internet.

High value research training and experience is critical to offering the most effective collection, collation, analysis and presentation of the best available digital evidence. We use only the most up-to-date legally sound tactics. We utilize demonstrable processes that the courts will accept.


  • Advanced Internet & Social Media Research
  • Information Verification
  • Social Media Archiving
  • Public Database Searches
  • Digital Footprint Audits & Analysis
  • Online Safety Evaluations
  • Surveillance & Safety Support
  • Cyber Bullying & Harassment
  • Site Posting & Blog Monitoring